Gentle Dental Care for Tiny Teeth

At Wince Family Dental Associates, we truly are a family dental practice. We are happy to care for every smile in your family – from grandkids to grandparents, and everyone in between. We have kids and families of our own, so we understand what it’s like to get everyone in for their regular dental visits. Our doctors and team love seeing kids in our office and are happy to provide gentle pediatric dentistry for your family’s smallest smiles. We’ll make sure their first dental experiences are fun and rewarding to ensure a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

Bring the Kids!

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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

One common misconception about pediatric dentistry is that it’s not all that important because their baby teeth are just going to fall out eventually, anyway. The truth is, healthy baby teeth set the stage for healthy adult teeth to grow in properly later. Tooth decay in baby teeth increases their chance of being prone to tooth decay as adults.

If you aren’t diligent with your child’s oral hygiene, including regular visits with your McPherson dentist, you are only setting them up for a lifetime of oral health problems. Get your little one started on the right foot with a healthy smile and healthy habits that they can pass on to their kids, too.

For children under 10, early morning appointments are best for treatments beyond a routine check-up. We find having a good night’s sleep and breakfast in their tummy helps kids be physically and mentally prepared for their visit. We refrain from using the word “shot” to help minimize anxiety, and do a “Show & Tell” before we begin to familiarize them with the tools and sounds, so there are no surprises. After a visit with our friendly team, your child might even look forward to their next check-up.

First Impressions

At Wince Family Dental Associates, our team loves seeing kids in the office. Most of us have families and young children of our own, so we know how to handle them, and how to make it as easy as possible for you to get the whole family in to see us.

We also know that coming to the dentist can be scary for kids (and adults!), so we make sure their first dental experiences are relaxed, fun, and rewarding – and anything but scary! These first experiences at the dentist are important for teaching them good habits and forming positive feelings about going to the dentist.

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Pediatric Dental Services in McPherson, KS

Some of the dental services we provide for kids include:

  • Gentle teeth cleanings and exams
  • Brushing and flossing tutorials
  • Oral health education
  • Tooth colored fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants to help prevent decay
  • Extractions and oral surgery

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